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Recycle your car parts,

Catalytic converters recycled by an experienced team

Recycling your old car parts is not only profitable; it's also an environmentally friendly decision. Since 2005 our experts have worked with garages, scrap dealers, car breakers, exhaust centres and car dealerships, providing professional services across the UK.


At Leicester Catalytic we have a specialist team, ready to buy and collect your catalytic converters at the best prices. Give us a call today to receive an estimate from our experts!

Help the environment

Catalytic converters contain precious metals that are difficult to extract and to process. By recycling your car parts with us, you'll make a green choice, help reduce pollution and get paid competitive prices!

Our services

•  Catalytic converter recycling

•  Broken or old parts

•  ECU recycling

•  Safe and reliable

We'll come to your business

Whether you want to recycle catalytic converters or engine control units, we can collect and recycle your car parts throughout Leicester and the Midlands. You'll get more money from us as well as a fast and efficient service!

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